When you have a program with tight deadlines, “no nonsense deliverables”, and an expectation for impeccable continuity, NEWCO is ready to assist you. We have a MultiSite Construction Division with dedicated resources and staff ready to help you succeed. Our “No job too large, No detail too small” stands true to all of your local, regional, and national rollouts / multisite programs. Utilizing our licensing in 42 states, along with the knowledge and strategies we have continued to perfect for over 24 years in the industry, NEWCO delivers on-time and consistent results.


The best way to describe an open remodel in your pharmacy is to say it’s like renovating your grandmother’s kitchen on Thanksgiving Day. There is only one way to become proficient in executing programs that require upgrades to your pharmacies while remaining operational, and that is experience. Our teams have the knowledge and regard for your autonomy that you need to successfully handle all your renovation needs.


With so many alternative retailers offering food products, we understand the struggle to differentiate yourself, and the importance of presentation and brand integrity before, during, and after your project / program execution. We are experienced working in open store environments, as well as open case and cooler inventory. With a strong emphasis on safety, our skilled Project Managers and staff will work with you to ensure that your brand and product is protected from start to finish. Whether you are looking to improve a single department or the entire store, we are dedicated to making your roll-out a success.


NEWCO has performed interior and exterior renovations for several oil and petroleum companies. We provide a wide variety of services from installing self-serving islands in every one of your stores, to market specific, full-scale in and out remodels. We understand the need for you to stay open with as minimal operational impediments as possible. We specialize in making sure that the customer experience is not lost during the construction process. Whether you plan to execute a roll-out over your entire brand, or refresh your stores market by market, our experience in working safely in an open environment, allows you the peace of mind that you deserve.


We understand that the approach to banking is transforming. The old days of the smiling teller is quickly being replaced with a website. The brick and mortar battle is in full force, and we know that the customer wants an experience, not just good customer service. Not to sell service short, but now you must present an atmosphere that exudes great service, and an experience to get customers into your branch and out from behind their computers. Our teams have executed multiple projects for customers just like you across the nation who understand that your branch locations need to be new, fresh, and distinctive. You need a competitive edge to make your brand autonomous in the brick and mortar banking industry. Choose NEWCO.


NEWCO was founded in 1993. Since then we pride ourselves in the relationships that we maintain with many of the world’s largest retailers. Working across the country, providing a multitude of services within the big box space, safety and brand integrity are never overlooked. Whether you have a need to make departmental changes across your brand or expand your building, NEWCO has the experience and knows how to deliver.


We understand your challenge in keeping your restaurant in tip top shape, both aesthetically and operationally. Over the last 24 years we have successfully completed hundreds of projects in the food service industry. Our extensive focus on safety and experience working in open stores has proven to be a fundamental part of our success in this industry. Couple that with GC licensing in 42 states and over 24 years’ experience, we are poised to meet your restaurant’s program needs.


NEWCO Construction is a unique kind of company that understands the importance of solid relationships within the industry. NEWCO operates on a local and national level so we can be where you need us, when you need us. We do this by maintaining a strong network of local and regional subcontractors and vendors who are as loyal to NEWCO as we are to them. This approach allows us to consistently outperform local and national contractors with our combination of organization, flexibility and accountability, all while saving our clients time, money, and effort.


For over 24 years we have utilized our knowledge and strategies in the 42 states we are licensed in.


Large numbers of similar sub-projects have been undertaken regionally and nationally.


NEWCO is ready to assist in programs with tight deadlines and deliver on-time and consistent results.

<p>Jonathan Heinze, LEED AP BD+C<br />
Vice President of Construction,<br />
Multisite Division</p>

Jonathan Heinze, LEED AP BD+C
Vice President of Construction,
Multisite Division

NEWCO Construction of America, Inc. is a Licensed General Contractor in 42 States. We are committed to provide quality construction services emphasizing safety and customer satisfaction. This approach has served as a catalyst for developing client relationships lasting through multiple projects and spanning many decades.


For over 24 years we have been providing construction services for the restaurant, hospitality, retail, commercial, and light industrial markets. Our extensive project experience includes renovation and new construction of restaurants, hotels, financial institutions, large and small retail facilities, office buildings, warehouses, data centers, and senior living facilities.


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